Why invest in our Office Yoga?

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More productivity, clearer heads, better moods, enhanced creativity, lower stress, and prolonged mental stamina will help your company in the long run.

We work with Corporates across the UK, providing the best instructors through personal networks. Get in touch for a tailored program of weekly Yoga classes and monthly mindfulness workshops.

The problem:

  • 137 million sick days per year in the UK (an average of 4.3 days per person)

  • Stress costing the UK economy almost £4 billion a year

  • 2/5 of companies have seen a rise in reported mental health problems (such as anxiety & depression) in the last 12 months

The solutionOur vision is to make Yoga available for everyone, even for people with busy schedules. We work with the best Yoga teachers across London and Surrey. Our classes are always tailored and are capped at 20 people per class. Get in touch so we can create a bespoke plan for you.


The result: Companies that invest in employee wellbeing have found 25% less staff turnover, 40% less absence & 50% less accidents & injuries.

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TIME Magazine

"Mind-body techniques like yoga can help counteract some of that stress and some of the physical demands of work, whether from hard manual labor or sitting hunched over at a computer..." (January 2017)                                            


HelloFresh London

"We have been working with Power Sanctuary for a year now and are so proud of the fantastic feedback from employees. The morning and lunchtime Yoga classes allow time away from desks to help improve wellbeing at work." (Lucy Clamp, HelloFresh, November 2018)

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The research speaks for itself: reduced back pain, lower burnout rates, less hostility, less absenteeism, reduced anxiety... (September 2017)