Hello! I'm Kate.

For me, life is all about being happy and having fun!

There is joy to be found in the true nature of the body - our toes, our eyes, our hands! Yoga and breath is a way to connect us back.

I worked 9-5 office jobs for years, in a lifestyle where I wasn’t always prioritising looking after my body, my sanctuary. I decided to make a change and found that what I wanted to be was a Yoga teacher!

I have been following this journey for 10 years now and teach a variety of styles from yin to power as they’re all magic! My style is to teach you to awaken your “power sanctuary” through empowering your body and calming your mind. My motto is - “All you need is within you!”

I am blessed to teach classes, workshops and retreats around the world and my joy is to share my learnings with you.

Kate x

Kate O'Reilly  Founder & International Yoga Teacher

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